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Building Inspiring Spaces

Our vision is simple – to be the best forward-thinking provider of property management services in all of our markets, giving clients and end users the highest level of service at all times. We offer property management expertise across all areas of real estate, at every stage of the development life cycle.

Our customer-first approach combined with an in-depth knowledge of property and a global presence enables us to deliver best-in-class property management services to clients, and to offer an enhanced experience for occupiers, visitors, shoppers and residents.


Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Our property management agents are fully qualified to help deliver expert service to all our clients. We can help guide your business to success, when it comes to block, flat and apartment management. With our assistance we will be able to help you enjoy your home and/or maximise the profit you make from your home/investment.

Property management is important for you home or investment. For the money that you have invested into your property, the service provided by our management agents here at Blue is second to none.



Aside from creating high quality photos targeted to your ideal customers. Our team prepares a listing that is easy to read and easy to get a hold of our showing agents.



Specializing in retail marketing, event programming, and multi-media planning, QPM’s marketing team works within our corporate family to develop and execute detailed, multi-faceted marketing strategies for our companies.

We work with clients and partners to effectively develop and implement marketing plans, and manage public relations.


Shape Marketing leads a robust sales and marketing program which includes brand development, sales strategy and project management. Our sales teams undergo specialized training on the projects they sell, enabling us to deliver market knowledge, neighbourhood insight and true value to our home buyers.


Shape Marketing develops commercial brands and ensures a consistent story is told across all touchpoints. The corporate marketing team works seamlessly with the personnel at each property on communication, events and service initiatives that create meaningful guest experiences.

A Tradesman For Any Size Job


  • Deck Repair or new deck construction
  • Window and door repair and/or replacement
  • Interior or exterior renovations
  • Garage packages
  • Painting services
  • Custom sheds
  • Fencing
  • Custom Cabinetry


  • Faucet and Fixture replacement
  • Leak repairs
  • Hot water tank replacement


  • Professional interior and exterior painting services available


In this market, we are all trying to keep our costs down. At Common Properties Management Maintenance and Handyman Services, we do just that. If you need repairs completed within your community, business or home and you are concerned about the high cost of labor, this could be the answer you have been looking for. Common Properties Management Maintenance and Handyman Services comes to you with the same care and professional business model that you experience with our property management team.


LCM Property Services Inc. Does drywall repairs and general carpentry.  From your back yard fence to the board room, we can handle all kinds of repairs, maintenance, and new installations with more than two full-time carpenters employed your job will get done fast.


Trim Carpentry is the final touch that brings a project all together. Properly done it can cover up imperfections in other work such as crooked walls, imperfect floors, unevenly cut drywall, and more. A room when properly trimmed out can make all the difference. LCM has an expert trim handy-man on staff who can repair and replace trim around your building/apartment. For all your trim and carpentry repairs look no further than LCM Property Services. Yes, we do that to!


We can provide expert painters to finish any job on time and beautiful. Trust the skilled staff of LCM Property Services for all your residential and commercial painting needs.

painting pallet color cards and two brushes


Whether you’re going brand new or need your flooring refinished LCM has both the skills and the tools to do the job right. Many of our handyman team members have been in the trade for decades.

blue print and plumbing fittings on table with wrench


LCM Property Services Inc. handyman can handle the challenges and needed small repairs of general rental turnovers including Painting, Drywall repair, Carpet cleaning, Junk Removal, and Top-to-Bottom cleaning.

Many of our clients are landlords who have significant turnover rates because of the many universities in the area. We understand the demands and deadlines for rental units and have the staff to handle it.

LCM handyman doing a rental turnover, painting wall


Our Licensed Electrician is friendly, experienced, and guarantees his work.  He has worked in Waterloo Region as a contractor for many years, becoming proficient in Commercial, Institutional, Residential, and Industrial settings.  At LCM we only send proven professionals to your door.  Whether it’s new construction, renovations, or just a small repair trust LCM Handy Man Services to fix your problem right the first time.

electrical conduit in underground parking area
Electrical Metal Conduit Installation


plumbing fittings

Handy Men have their limitations. When it comes to plumbing insist on Licensed tradesmen to do your work. LCM uses only the best trained, and qualified Plumbers to help with all your plumbing repairs, updates, and even emergency plumbing issues.


Need something moved? LCM provides junk removal services with several trucks on the road one is usually already in your neighborhood. Did a former tenant leave their sub par furniture for you to deal with?  Do you have an old appliance that needs to go?  Give us a call for fast junk removal at a fair price.

LCM handyman removing couch from condo unit


Our professionals at LCM can remove, install, and repair all types of tile flooring. If your current tile floors need some touch-ups or repairs, you can turn to our handymen for experienced and reliable services. We also have the tools and training needed to upgrade your building with brand new tile.

wet floor signs

Trust LCM Handy-Man Services for all your tile repair and replacement needs


LCM is a leading handyman service provider in the Waterloo Region. What sets us apart from similar companies is our knowledge and experienced staff of experts maintenance skills and practical issue management thinking. Our team consists of office staff, on-site inspectors, and a multitude of diverse skilled workers, with the capabilities to complete any small renovation need. Although we provide some service to everyday homeowners, the majority of our clients are landlords, in need of quality renovations to their income producing properties or condominiums. From small family homes, to multi-unit apartment complexes, our high quality services are available upon request. All our clients are treated with respect, and our team is dedicated to helping restore and maintain the beautiful buildings of Waterloo Region to their full potential.


LCM provides Flood Remediation as a result of Water Damage, Sewage, Pipe Burst, and Human Error. From water and sewage damage restoration to full structural drying, LCM’s Restoration Services of Waterloo knows how to get the job done properly giving you the peace of mind you need. LCM’s Restoration Services have successfully dealt with all types of water damage. We are experts in water extraction, water damage cleanup, sewage backup cleanup, flooded basements, water damaged walls/ceilings, flooded wood floors, drying and flood repair services.

flooded basement

Trusted Partners

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